Happy Birthday to my favorite TVB actress!!

Ada Choi in 金枝慾孽(貳) Beauty At War.


Vivian | Mok Jok Dung

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Forever young, forever beautiful, and forever loved…

Happy 58th Birthday, our dear Leslie Gorgor!



DIVA’s new single, DISCOVERY.


Anh suddenly Twin became centers instead of Umechan & Yuka :3


Mighty Baby Promotion (2002)


Return of the Condor Heroes 1995 (神雕侠侣)

Long’er, you are really cruel.  You made me wait, wait for an entire 16 years!


Sayaka on GLITTER 2014 October


Sasuga Mariko-sama XD


Amemiya Keita (Director) x Nakayama Masei x Akimoto Sayaka SP Talk [Video]

- Back in 2010, Amemiya director once offered Sayaka a role in GARO ~RED REQUIEM~ (movie)
However, they couldn’t sort out her schedule back then so she had to rejected it. So, after Amemiya director considered for a while, he decided to lock away that character and waited until today to offer Sayaka again.
Because Biku was written only for her. So when she rejected it, the director had to scrap the idea and created a completely new character for another actress, and you had Rekka in the movie instead.
Biku is basically a very stoic and manly character. She’s neither exactly a Makai Priest nor a Makai Knight. A professional who works underground.

- Nakayama Masei said when he first heard that Sayaka would play Biku, he couldn’t image how she would be like.
So they gave him Sayaka’s practice video, and when he watched it, Masei was astonished “Shit, she’s a real combat master ò____ó”
Sayaka: “Perhaps because I love it. I did Aikido for quite a long time. So I really like practicing fighting.”
When Masei still hadn’t have any idea how Raiga and Biku would face each other, he thought “If it’s going like this, I’m gonna lose to her as Nakayama Masei” *fails as a man*
So when they know Raiga and Biku just had an imaginary fight, he felt relieved XD

- The director told the skinny Masei to work out on his body more.
Sayaka: He still told you that?
Masei: Yeah…
Director: The MM Project! Masei Maccho Project!
Sayaka: I’ll give you some good protein.
Director: Among these three people here, the only one who has abs is this person *points to Sayaka*