爸爸去哪儿 season 2 ep 4; feynman’s little accident (throw shade on sam gor all yall want, you try being a 53 yr old father to a 5 year old)


Akimoto Sayaka Official Facebook Fan Page

Today, 26th of July, I have become 26 years old.

Today I went to the live broadcast of Money no Rashinban, and Fan club event.

Spending my birthday with fans

I’m really happy.

Happy. Happy.


Because of everyone, I was reminded about my original intention

I can persevere once again.

Really thank you.

To the people who were not able to come, let’s look forward for next time.



Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 14:24



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

It’s the birthday of the one who I greatly love my heart(best) friend Akimoto Sayaka
Extra big love and happiness as presents for her❤️


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:39


Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️

Yuko’s Twitter Translation

Congratulations on your 26th birthdayー‼︎
Since Saechan’s in Shanghai, it was just the 2 of us celebrating
Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️
Hope you’ll become a woman full of radiance!


Sayaka’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:46



Sayaka’s Twitter Translation

I’m drunk really drunk。
It’s been a wonderful day getting drunk.
Thanks, Yuko.
And, to all of you supporting Akimoto Sayaka. Thank you.


140722 Chocolate Hills Adventure Park ~ yeah PHILIPPINES <3


Happy 26th Birthday, beautiful princess!!♥

1982.07.18 ~ 2014.07.18 ::: The long journey from little songstress to immortal legend

“Queen of Stage,” “Cantopop Queen,” “Ever Changing Queen,” “Empress of Song,” “Big Sister of HK Music Industry,”… Mui Yim-Fong truly lives up to these respectable titles. And yet at the same time she was, is, and will always be just one thing – our beloved Anita, simple as that. She was indeed a superstar, and more importantly a special, magnificent woman. I am elated that she is finally immortalized in the form of a bronze statue located on Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars.[x]

Anita, thank you for being YOU, and for leaving us with beautiful memories that could last a lifetime. We are forever grateful, and forever enthralled.

Daughter of Hong Kong ~ Anita Mui

Mui’s bronze statue was officially unveiled on July 18, 2014 to celebrate the 32th anniversary of her debut in HK showbiz. It is located on Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars (星光大道).

More photos @muination


Couple Kitchen #1

The talk is mostly about Mariri and AKB48 (which I found quite boring), so here is some funny bits about Sa-ya and Yu-kun’s relationship:

- Mariri suddenly show up at their new house, Yu-kun was like “Who leaked it out ò____ó?!” Sa-ya asked why Mariri knew it
Mariri: Oshima Yuko-san told me you just got married and moved here so I came to visit…
Sa-ya: WHAT!?! Ò___Ó Sorry, can you keep it a secret for us?
Mariri: But Yuko told it to quite a bunch of people already…
Yu-kun: Damn it Yuko…
Sa-ya: Sorry Yu-kun, I will tell Yu-chan to keep her mouth shut
Yu-kun: Please, I beg you!

- For the cooking, Yu-kun did everything and Sa-ya basically just stood there to talk
Yu-kun: Because my Sa-ya couldn’t do anything (so I have to do everything)
Sa-ya: I’m specialized in drinking instead (aka serving tea for guests XD)
Yu-kun: Okay okay (lol)

- Mariri called Yu-kun ‘papa’ (it’s normal to call the husband in a family ‘papa’ when they have children)
Yu-kun:.. well, someday
Sa-ya: *look at her belly*
Yu-kun: … what XDD
Sa-ya: ……
Yu-kun: Oh, you’re virtual pregnant ne XDD
Sa-ya: You don’t need to say that out! That shows how much I love Yu-kun you know! XD

- Yu-kun made a mistake when cracking the eggs
Sa-ya: If you need any help just say, kay?
Yu-kun: You can’t do anything though…
Sa-ya: At least I can separate the egg white!!!
Yu-kun: Okay, try doing this
Sa-ya: *crack the egg* damn, I put it in the wrong bowl!

- Mariri asked why the two of them get married.
Yu-kun: Even though Sa-ya looks like this, she’s actually very girly. That gap, G-A-P is really important.

- They did a psychological test to see the problem lying in their marriage.
Sa-ya chose the answer showing that her marriage will face problem because of different opinions.
Yu-kun: You have too many opinions about things like how the food tastes, how we should do about our children, how about moving, etc… like that will make our relationship go bad.
Sa-ya: …… Then I just need to shut my mouth and that will be fine, right?
Yu-kun: You can’t do that though?
Sa-ya:…… *nods*


Akimoto Sayaka was in Taiwan to promote her new movie, a total of about 200 fans were present at the fan-meeting session!!