LMAO, totally dead at his spot-on imitation of Wah Zai. Dude is such a tease.=)))))


Marie Claire HK (May 2014)


Lau Kar Leung’s like, “what the fuck just happened?”





Kishimari’s blog


Kishimari is a photographer. She took photos for Sayaka the other day. Her blog entries may or may not directly about Sayaka. But obviously she called Sayaka a God on her instagram XD



Extreme warm-hearted princess
by Kishimari
model Akimoto Sayaka

Her breath is beautiful
so much it makes grains look rough
Her watery eyes are fleeting

The smashing rhythm written teasingly by ink
Coming from my vein and to my brain

My soul has turned into the color of blood blister
and showed up on her nails

All of her emotions were born
from the imperial palace inside her

No any sharpening weapons
or even shinning diamond in this world
can break through the garden of that lady

You rock my soul
Because of your look like a sharp knife
Because of the pulsation deep in the bone under your throat

Shake me up
Wake up my desire

And tonight again in my dream
I’m dancing in ecstasy



Red-noon Dream and Girl and Barefoot
by Kishimari
model Akimoto Sayaka

She’s dancing in barefoot

Sometimes her walk as a cat fawning
Sometimes her eyes as a leopard chasing her prey
Sometimes her her voice as sweet as strawberry syrup

You keep changing in front of me
As if my first feeling has been betrayed

Bitterly and painfully and strongly and coldly in one shade of purple
Your barefoot are not restrained

My feeling has been dyed with your color
Because your singing voice is sinful gold
Easily slipping through Tokyo Tower

Ne, why?

Sometimes she’s a girl, sometimes she’s a woman

And I just keep dreamily gazing at her face
Rusted in a stained navy color
I could do nothing but chasing after her with the beat of my heart

To my lovely lady

You are too beautiful I want to become you

I want to eat you up





ps: Kishimari said the first photo was taken in the changing room.


Takamina: Done with work♬ DIVA came today! Ume-chan had work and couldn’t come but I’m glad I got to see them♬ヾ(´・∀・)ノ

Fan: Okaro’s gorilla aura disappeared(;つД`)

Takamina: Sayaka’s beautiful

Fan: Don’t you think Sayaka became really pretty?

Takamina: I told her the same thing. Now is the “best of Sayaka”


Couple Kitchen #3
Guest: Nakagawa Taishi / Yoshizawa Ryo

- Taishi was shocked to find out that Chiba read and ignored what he sent Chiba through LINE.
Obviously Yu-kun has a bad habit of texting. He didn’t contact Sa-ya when he was out late last night drinking with Ryo either.
Ryo: I and Chiba-kun usually go out to drink. He’s quite a heavy drinker.
Sa-ya: I know. He loves Japanese liquor…
Yu-kun: Yup, last night I had Japanese liquor too.
Taishi: Shouldn’t you contact her properly in times like that?
Yu-kun: I’m sorry Sa-ya. I made you worry.
Sa-ya: I was worried. Sometimes he read and ignored my text msg too! And I thought he was busy…
Yu-kun: I was bad.
Sa-ya: But I love you for that too ♥
Yu-kun: I know. Thank you ♥

- When asked what type of girls Taishi and Ryo like.
Taishi likes cheerful girl, whom is fun to be with. He really likes how Yu-kun and Sa-ya had fun and being idiots with each other. They’re his ideal married couple.
Ryo likes someone who he can be true to himself when being with. Because he doesn’t talk much so it’s better to have someone enjoy their time quietly together.
Sa-ya: And Yu-kun…oh, never mind.
Yu-kun: What? Ask me, ask me XDDD
Sa-ya: What type of girls do you like?
Yu-kun: It’s Sa-ya ♥