Amemiya Keita (Director) x Nakayama Masei x Akimoto Sayaka SP Talk [Video]

- Back in 2010, Amemiya director once offered Sayaka a role in GARO ~RED REQUIEM~ (movie)
However, they couldn’t sort out her schedule back then so she had to rejected it. So, after Amemiya director considered for a while, he decided to lock away that character and waited until today to offer Sayaka again.
Because Biku was written only for her. So when she rejected it, the director had to scrap the idea and created a completely new character for another actress, and you had Rekka in the movie instead.
Biku is basically a very stoic and manly character. She’s neither exactly a Makai Priest nor a Makai Knight. A professional who works underground.

- Nakayama Masei said when he first heard that Sayaka would play Biku, he couldn’t image how she would be like.
So they gave him Sayaka’s practice video, and when he watched it, Masei was astonished “Shit, she’s a real combat master ò____ó”
Sayaka: “Perhaps because I love it. I did Aikido for quite a long time. So I really like practicing fighting.”
When Masei still hadn’t have any idea how Raiga and Biku would face each other, he thought “If it’s going like this, I’m gonna lose to her as Nakayama Masei” *fails as a man*
So when they know Raiga and Biku just had an imaginary fight, he felt relieved XD

- The director told the skinny Masei to work out on his body more.
Sayaka: He still told you that?
Masei: Yeah…
Director: The MM Project! Masei Maccho Project!
Sayaka: I’ll give you some good protein.
Director: Among these three people here, the only one who has abs is this person *points to Sayaka*


Couple Kitchen #2

Guest Nakamura Masaya.
You have evil Yu-kun being a DoS and drunk Sa-ya acting crazy.

- Nakamura-san is Chiba’s ex-boyfriend so obviously he held hostile feelings toward Sa-ya at first XD
Nakamura: I know about Chiba-chan more than you!
Sa-ya: I understand him too!
Nakamura: What do you know about him? What’s Chiba-chan’s secret?
Sa-ya: Chiba-chan’s secret…….
Nakamura: You don’t know that his legs are hairy, right?
Sa-ya: Shit *feels defeated*
Nakamura: During filming, when he woke up early in the morning, his beard all grew out
Yu-kun: I always shave properly!!! -_-

- Sa-ya served gin & tonic for the guest
Nakamura: Akimoto-san you know how to make cocktails?
Sa-ya: Usually I don’t make it but I love to drink.
Nakamura: You love to drink?
Sa-ya: I do!
Nakamura: Oh, the same with Chiba-chan!
Yu-kun: Like me. We have the same hobby.
Nakamura: Chiba-chan love beer, right?
Yu-kun: Lately I started to drink Japanese’s wine as well
Nakamura: Eh! I could have never thought that!
Yu-kun: Please don’t think I’m the same old person in the past anymore -_-

Nakamura: When I came in, you two were sitting really close though, What were you about to do there?
Sa-ya: Kiss.
Nakamura: Your wife is really frank XDDDD
Yu-kun: She is XDDDD
Nakamura: If I hadn’t come in, you two would kiss already?
Yu-kun: Well, if you had stopped there, we would go all the way already.
Nakamura: Are you ok saying such thing on this TV show? XD
Yu-kun: Don’t worry, they will edit this later.

Nakamura: Do you two fight?
Yu-kun: Yes, we do fight sometimes. But most of the time I’m the one who will apologize though.
Nakamura: She’s stubborn?
Yu-kun: To be honest, yes.
Nakamura: She does look strong though XD
Yu-kun: But unexpectedly she’s really feminine.
Nakamura: By the way, how did Chiba-chan propose?
Sa-ya: Well, when we were watching TV together at home… *fails to think of anything and then passes to Yu-kun*
Yu-kun: When we were watching TV at home, they were playing hip-hop and I rap to the beat.
Nakamura: How?
Yu-kun: *raps and fails miserably*
Nakamura: I’m amazed you agreed to such terrible proposal O_o
Sa-ya: Hey do it properly! *starts to rap instead*
Nakamura: Wow, so cool!
Sa-ya: I was like “Ehhh?!” at first. But because I like rap, so I agreed with him.

- Nakamura talked about how his photo didn’t sell any at all while he was in D-Boys.
Sa-ya: Me too, there are members whole photos can sell up to 3000 yen.
Nakamura: Like who?
Sa-ya: Oshima Yuko or Watanabe Mayu
Nakamura: And how about Akimoto Sayaka?
Sa-ya: 100 yen -_-
Nakamura & Sa-ya: *shakes hands*
Sa-ya: We finally understand each other.
Yu-kun: You two finally understand each other?
Nakamura: Chiba, you get a really good wife there.
Yu-kun: I would buy Sa-ya’s photo for even 300000 yen
Nakamura: Chiba-chan how about my photos?
Yu-kun: I will buy them if you pay me money -_-

Nakamura-san and Yu-kun haven’t even finished their drinks but Sa-ya already got herself a second serve (and started to get drunk XD)
Yu-kun: Sa-ya, you drank too much! ò____ó
Sa-ya: Wohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Yu-kun: I wonder if she would be alright…
Nakamura: Is she always like that?
Yu-kun: No she’s a bit weird today. I didn’t know she’s this kind of person……

In the end when Nakamura was about to go home.
Nakamura: Please let me visit more often. Make me a semi-regular guest.
Yu-kun: Our rent is expensive. We also have to pay bills. We can’t serve you free food like this -_-
Nakamura: …… I have to go now, sorry for intruding……
Yu-kun: Yes, you’re getting in the way!
Nakamura:…… I moved to close here so I will come later
Sa-ya: You moved here? O_o
Nakamura: I heard that Chiba-chan moved here so I moved too.
Yu-kun: You’re my stalker? ò_______ó


Some first images of Sayaka in new starring drama “Senkan Yamato no KAREIRAISU” (The curry rice of battleship Yamato)

For more details here


DiVA is gonna disband by the end of the year.

But prior to that they will change their names to DIVA

released their 4rth single on october 8th, their 1st album later and hold a final live concert.



He is setting a ridiculously high standard for husbands. Honestly it’s bad enough he looks that great at 53 but the way he looks at his wife in that bottom picture (the caption reads that he’s completely unable to look away) is making so angry like where do you find such men. 

And he’s a great cook and loves children and is incredibly incisive and intelligent and has such a strong set of principles (that even extends to how he deals with his fans and people actually adore him for it) and actually I love that he’s slightly mad in that he’s just very different and is his own self and oh god I want one.


Sayaka started a workout column on GLITTER magazine called

「Bi-BODY Exercise Akimoto Sayaka no PART Betsu Exercise」 (Gorgeous BODY Exercise - Akimoto Sayaka Exercise for certain body parts)


Few hours until Biku appearance in GARO. I’m translating something funny in Biku night event that I haven’t in the post the other day.

- Sayaka’s most highlight scene in GARO ep 18:
The scene when Biku fisrt met and fought with Crow (Mizuishi Atomu). Because she acted too seriously with the feeling of “I can’t lose this fight!”, she made Atomu want to cry XD The director said the kid must be so frightened (lol)
Sayaka said Crow is mysterious and cool, but in real life Atomu-kun, who played Crow, is cute as a puppy XD


Atomu is only 18, Sayaka must have scared the hell out of him, poor kid XDDDD

Dodo : “This Francis Ng doesn’t seem to be knowing what he’s doing….”


From Mariko’s FC:

I met with Sayaka (lol) 


Only posting this photo because reckons Sayaka’s fans probably don’t join Mariko’s FC and might want to see the pic. :) 


GARO -Makai no Hana- event: BIKU NIGHT 2014.08.04 report

- Amemiya Keita, creator and director of the GARO series, actually offered Sayaka another role before. But back then her schedule can’t fit with the filming so they had to rejected it. And this time Amemiya director offered her again. And the role Biku was written for her.
Biku was said to be the strongest Makai Priestess ever appeared in Garo with not only magic power but also physical strength. Amemiya said “You can even see Biku as a Makai Knight”. Technically gender-wise, Biku is impossible to become a Makai Knight because there’s a rule written that female can’t become Makai Knight, so they become Makai Priest instead. But in Biku’s case, she’s closer to a Makai Knight than a Makai Priest.

- About Biku personality, she’s a lone-wolf and doesn’t show feeling on her face. Sayaka said the most challenging thing is how to convey the character feeling without changing her facial expression. Amemiya director recommend the highlight of the episode: Biku’s way of walking. “It’s easy to make you look cool in action scene because you can somehow fake it with CG. But to look cool in ordinary scene is really hard. I want you to pay attention to her way of walking because she’s cool just by walking normally.”

- Nakayama Masei, the leading actor who played Raiga - Golden Knight, said that his first impression about Sayaka is that she’s a really stoic person. He watched the practice video of her first before meeting her in person, and he couldn’t believe that she had just practiced it the day before because the quality was too high.
During action scene, when Sayaka was flying, she kicked into the camera and broke the glass XD Masei-kun was like “My position is so dangerous…-_-“

- About her costume (and the nipple thing)
Different with other Makai Priestesses, Biku is more genderless in appearance. She wears long trousers and high neck, which makes her look more masculine than others. To create her feminine side, they put a lot of effort into her accessories. Her necklace and rings all made from real silver (necklace is around 130.000 yen, ring is around 150.000 yen). The amount of work put into her costume is about the same with that of leading actors.
Sayaka said all the previous Makai Priests wore revealing clothes, showing their boobs and legs… But Sayaka don’t have boobs! So Amemiya director created them for her with the costume. (A perfect creation with nipples included XD)
Masei-kun said that when he first meet her in Biku costume, he couldn’t help but commented “Your boobs are out!”
Sayaka replied, “Yes, they are.”
Amemiya director thought that if she’s the real Biku, she wouldn’t get embarrassed about that. So he assumed that Sayaka would be like the same too. In fact when they did costume fitting, at first for a moment Sayaka looked embarrassed but the next moment she already came back to normal, and Amemiya director was like “See, I knew it!”

- When asked between the gentle Raiga and mysterious Crow, which one is Sayaka’s type.
Sayaka said she preferred Crow. Which made Raiga sitting next obviously disappointed XDDD